Professional Achievement Points

CategoryActivityPointsLimitsDocumentationEntered byReviewed by
ProjectsAdvanced e-portfolio501 per studentAdvanced e-portfolioStudentDepartment
ProjectsBasic e-portfolio1001 per studentBasic e-portfolioStudentDepartment
ProjectsCIS class project 50Not requiredStudentDepartment
ParticipationProfessional Organization committee member
151 per semesterNot requiredOrganization or Department Department
ParticipationParticipating Robinson Graduate Student Career Fair50Name Badge recorded in systemCareer Advancement CenterNA
ParticipationVolunteering Robinson Graduate Student Career Fair100Name Badge tudentrecorded in systemCareer Advancement CenterNA
ParticipationOther Career Fair
202 per semesterNot requiredDepartmentNA
ParticipationAssist with department sponsored event
25Not requiredDepartmentNA
ParticipationMentorship Program251 per semesterNot requiredCareer Advancement Center NA
ProjectsResearch project with faculty100-200Project description from faculty memberStudentDepartment
ParticipationChallenge or Conference50Not requiredDepartmentNA
ParticipationOther approved challenge or competition50Pre-approval Pre-approvalStudentDepartment
ParticipationNational Competition50Screen ShotDepartmentNA
ParticipationAdvance to finals of Nationals100Screen ShotDepartmentNA
AttendanceProfessional development workshop105 per semesterNot requiredCareer Advancement CenterNA
AttendanceCIO Awards25Name badgeDepartmentNA
AttendanceProfessional development event at an external organization25Twice only and must be pre-approvedPre-approvalStudentDepartment
AttendanceActive Professional organization membership501 per semesterNot requiredDepartmentNA
LeadershipProfessional organization committee chair301 per semesterNot requiredDepartmentNA
LeadershipProfessional organization officer751 per semesterNot requiredDepartmentNA
Work experience*Short-term full-time CIS internship (3-7 week minimum)1001 per studentOffer letterStudentDepartment
Work experience*Part-time CIS internship (14 week minimum)1001 per studentOffer letterStudentDepartment
Work experience*Full-time CIS internship (8 week minimum)4001 per studentOffer letterStudentDepartment
Work experience*Accept and report full-time job offer1001 per studentOffer letterStudentDepartment
AwardPlace 1st in a Challenge or Competition100Screen shot or photo
AwardPlace 2nd in a Challenge or Competition50Screen shot or photo
Place 3rd in a Challenge or Competition25Screen shot or photo
ProjectsResume review100Upload to RCCCenterCareer Advancement CenterNA
Boot Camps3 days or less50DepartmentNA
Boot Camps4-5 days, Example; Tableau75DepartmentNA
Boot CampsMore than 5 days100DepartmentNA
Boot CampsPass certification (Example: TERP 10, SAS, CISA, PMP)100DepartmentNA

*May not receive multiple internship points for work done at the same company

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